Whew. Its been a while since I’ve updated. Sorry bout’ that. Recently I’ve been embracing college life in full force and that hasn’t left much time for blogging, despite my extreme desire to do so.

I’m making friends, diving into theater, praying for the campus, swooning about the impending fall…

In short, I’ve gotten into a routine and I like it.

But the topic I’ve planned for the day does not involve Milledgeville or GCSU. Well, not entirely. It does involve one person from GCSU. I have this awesome friend Steve. Super great guy, comedian, fellow theater-english major, etc. Needless to say, we’ve become fast friends. Just friends. Only friends. So keep your giggles and your “Amy has a boyfriend” thoughts to yourselves please.Trust me, when that happens I’ll shout it from the rooftops.

So prior to last night, Steve had never seen a professional show. So I promised him that I would take him to see a show at Atlanta’s very own Shakespeare Tavern. I love the place, you see excellent theater along with eating delicious food.

So the journey begins…

We set out from Milledgeville bright and early to Atlanta. Armed with a mixed Carbon Leaf CD and a nap (Steve) we made it to Marietta just in time for family lunch. He seemed to be a big hit with the fam, especially John-shocker. My little brother is somewhat of a talker, and he was thrilled to meet someone who could keep up with him. My dog however got a little feisty, hence the scratch on my cheek.

After a quick coffee stop with my b-fry Katie Caldo, we trek back to Hot-Lanta. Literally, the best car ride of my entire life. Atlanta hit radio was in rare form Saturday afternoon, and we cranked the jam all the way to Little 5 Points.

I love Little 5. And it was awesome to hang out there with Steve. We walked around in and out of shops, people watching, etc. And then the adventure really began. After braving late-afternoon deadly Atlanta traffic we found the Shakespeare Tavern, but alas, the Tavern does not come adjacent to a parking lot.

No big, right? WRONG. Oh the best laid plans. Did anyone know that the BET Awards were being held in Atlanta last night? If so, I wish we could have been made privy to this information beforehand, instead of turning down a side street to find semi-convenient parking and lo and behold the plethora of pedestrians and the many lots dedicated to the guests of this particular ceremony, but unfortunately not two desperate white kids.

So with no parking to be found, we loop back around relatively easy for Atlanta standards, Steve notes the local homeless, and eventually we find a lot. Of course, we’re not dressed for the theater, but its no big deal to use my car as a portable dressing room. Steve and I take turns donning our finery and then I sit in the front seat to touch up my makeup. I leave the door open, again-no big, right?

HUGE big. Big mistake that’s what. So, disclaimer before this next story. I have no issues with homeless people. I help them out when I feel led too. In short, this next anecdote is not to poke fun at their situation-just ours. So I left the door of the car open. I am quickly applying my makeup and all of a sudden this homeless man comes up to the door asking for spare change.

Not going to lie, he startled both of us. But the guy is semi-joking around with us, telling us about how he has no teeth (so he can’t bite us) and his plans to later buy a PB&J. I give him a handful of change, but he’s still standing there, talking and asking for more, and inching closer inside the car door. Really close. And then he reaches into his pocket for god-knows-what and I almost have a panic attack. Steve tells me later that he grabbed his keys in that moment, ready to defend us.

Luckily, such drastic action was avoided when the homeless man only wanted more change. I happened to find a little more and after some small talk, he finally stumbles away. Nervously laughing off the strange/scary encounter we get to the Tavern unharmed and all is well.

When we got inside, Steve was getting really excited, it being his first professional show and all. It was great seeing him so stoked, I trust the picture below accurately depicts the moment.


The show was BRILLIANT. Watching quality professional theater never fails to remind me why I do what I do. Not only do I enjoy myself, but seeing a stellar performance pushes me to do better when I act. Steve and I laughed our way through As You Like It and it was seriously awesome spending time with such a great friend. You know when you experience these meaningful moments with people? This was definitely one of those.

As we exit the theater, still glowing from the amazing spectacle, we encounter yet another homeless man asking for change. Unfortunately we truly have none to give him, and simply walk by. So of course he follows us. That is, until Steve reaches into his pocket for the now infamous key weapon. I tell you, the kid is street-smart. The homeless man gives up and turns away. And all is well, again.

So then we decided to hit up the BET Awards before we headed back to Marietta.


We did however get crunk in the car on the way back to my house. You gotta love the radio. But, if I have to hear “Tonight’s Gonna Be” one more time, there’s gonna be trouble.

Oh Atlanta, you never fail me.

Pat yo weave, ya’ll.