It cannot be 12 days since I last blogged.

Whoops. And when I say whoops I mean major whoops. Sorry ya’ll.

My last two weeks have been extremely busy and have involved some roadtrips. So I’ll just bring everyone up to speed and then we can get on with business as usual, shall we?

Labor Day Weekend. The only words I have are the following: Nascar. Need for speed. Gentlemen start your engines.

I suppose I should back up. You didn’t know I was a Nascar fan? Well neither did I. That is until Labor Day weekend. So my cousins had this deal on race tickets at Atlanta Motor Speedway (henceforth to be called AMS) . It was a major race because apparently, and I’m not quite sure how this nugget of history escaped my knowledge, but AMS did not have the proper lighting technology to hold a night race. But now they do. Thus, the historic race and my current plethora of Nascar knowledge.

So even though I wasn’t a Nascar fan, I decided to go so I could hang out with cousins I don’t see very often. You know, hang out with the fam a bit.I planned to go, sit in the student section, poke a little fun at the, ahem, brand of people who frequent these events.

Instead, I end up sitting 10 rows from the track in amazing seats (thanks Uncle Mark), watching these cars go by super fast.

OMG. HELLO. Nascar is LOUD people. Like breaking the space time continuum loud. I had to by these earmuffs just to stand sitting in my seat. But aside from the noise factor, the race was strangely exhilarating. There were several incidents where drivers spun off the track, etc. which definitely kept it interesting.

So I’m not saying I’m this crazy Nascar fan. I mean, one race did not change my whole perspective on the sport. But I have a healthy respect for those race car drivers. Especially my new fav-Tony Stewart #14. That’s wassup.

And then if that roadtrip wasn’t enough, I went home to Marietta this past weekend.


To see people that I haven’t in a month (has it really been that long?!), people that I truly love was such a blessing. To go back to my church, to see some of my best friends Katie and Kathy and laugh with them was precious. They are some of the craziest, Jesus-loving, hilarious friends a girl could have. You both have a personal future bridesmaid invitation, and those are coveted spots my friends.

One more thing and I’ll hush up (for now).

Prayer request: There are a few of us here at GCSU who are meeting twice a week to pray for this campus. Our heart is to see God move through this campus in power and love. We’ve been at this for about 5 weeks, meeting Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7am. Its been a little bit rough, so any prayers you could throw our way would be awesome!