Today I’m in Athens visiting friends.

I had to make a road trip. And there is a funny story.

Basically, its a straight shot from Milledgeville to Athens if you don’t take the interstate. Because I’m relatively a novice when it comes to solo road trips, I knew that the hour and a half I was about to spend in the car were bound to be interesting. I mean, I’m not afraid to admit that I hate getting lost when I’m driving. I know there are those who find that getting lost is an adventure, and more power to them, I just can’t count myself among them. It stresses me out, I panic, my palms sweat. Basically, its not good.

So I drive about 45 minutes from downtown Milledgeville until I finally get to the I-20 entrance. But I’ve decided not to drive on the interstate to Athens, I’ll take the backroads way-the way my cousin told me would get me there. Which is to basically go straight on 441 north until I hit Athens. No big, right? WRONG.

There are little green signs that greet me as I continue to drive away from I-20 and get further into the back roads of Georgia. They say ‘Athens 40 miles’ in decreasing amounts to let us drivers know how close we were. Let me just say, that I was counting on those signs to get me there. Each green square made me feel safe, like I was on the right course and wasn’t heading to Timbuktu. Which with my sense of direction could have beenentirely possible.

And then, approximately 30 miles outside of Athens, the green signs were no more. Remember the sweaty palms thing? Yea, not good. So I may have slightly started to panic. And did I mention that its growing dark? Also not good.

So basically I spent a half hour panicking that I had missed a turn or did something wrong until another sign showed up FIVE MILES OUTSIDE OF ATHENS. What were people thinking?

Needless to say, next time I’ll be map-questing. I don’t think my poor heart can take that kind of stress.

But I got here safely enough. And am ready to explore Athens with some good friends. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!