exactly where I’m supposed to be. God just keeps confirming this. And its amazing to watch him provide for me.

So I won’t bore you all with the tedious details of my schedule, but let’s just say-its  A LOT. Even though I’m only taking 13 hours (due to an annoying mistake on the college’s part, but that’s another story) my theater classes are already proving to be a challenge. Which is great. Because I. Love. A. Challenge. I have to spend 40 hours this semester in the tech shop alone.

Speaking of theater, if you didn’t already know, its what I do. I have declared that as my major as of right now and I also plan to double major English with a concentration in creative writing. However, in the last year the Lord taught me mucho about theater and the place it has in my life. And why its uber important that I do not make it my identity, because that is reserved for the Lord. When people think of Amy I want them to think Jesus, not theater nerd.

So on that note, there were auditions last night for the first two shows of the season. Before I went, I gave it to the Lord and said if I get it, it’s because I’m supposed to be there, and if not, its because the Lord has other plans for my first two months here. So sure enough, the audition went well and yet I didn’t get cast. So I’ll be expecting something to be coming my way and I’ll keep you posted.

So there’s something I want to do with this here blog. Its recommend things I discover that I can’t live without. Whether its books, music, or whatever. I’ve discovered some of my favorite things from other people’s blogs and I want to share the love. The new book I’m all over is: Walking with God by John Eldrigdge. The book covers John’s struggle to hear God and the many intricacies surrounding this topic in such a way that it genuinely feels like you’re talking with him over coffee. Its such a rich read that its one of those books you read a few pages then just sift through all of the information with God in the secret place.

So yep, that’s my pick of the day, week, month? I don’t know how often I’ll do that. But please take the time to pick that up, even if you don’t feel like you’re struggling in that area. He covers so much more.

Peace out readers!